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Frequently Asked Questions

The following Frequently Asked Questions have been prepared for you to help you better understand the luxury Caribbean villa rental process. Travelers seeking answers to questions about a Caribbean luxury villa or a Caribbean vacation villa rental can refer to our travel FAQ's.

We have compiled a list of questions about our Caribbean villa for rent listings and the entire luxury Caribbean villa rental process that have been asked over the years. If you have any specific questions about renting a Caribbean luxury villa and the necessary travel arrangements, please feel free to ask your CaribbeanWay Caribbean vacation villa rental specialist and we will be sure to give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Q.Does each Caribbean luxury villa have a maximum number of travelers that can stay?

A. Yes. As a general rule, the maximum occupancy of a Caribbean vacation villa rental can be determined by allowing two people per bedroom. A Caribbean villa for rent with 2 bedrooms, for example, would allow up to 4 guests. There are situations in which the quota for a Caribbean luxury villa can sometimes be worked around; if the Caribbean vacation villa rental maintains hide-a-beds or trundle beds, or if some guests are children.

It is best to check with a CaribbeanWay villa specialist if you feel your group may exceed the maximum number of occupants of any luxury Caribbean villa rental that we offer.

Q. Are the Caribbean villa for rent prices on the website listed per person per night?

A. No. CaribbeanWay lists all luxury Caribbean villa rental prices per night for the entire Caribbean villa for rent at full occupancy level. This means that the price you see is how much your combined travel party will have to pay per night for a Caribbean luxury villa. A Caribbean vacation villa rental with 2 bedrooms might be listed at $250 USD per night. This cost could then be divided by the Caribbean vacation villa rental capacity of 4 guests (remember it has 2 bedrooms which allows up to 4 guests).

Keep in mind however, that most villas require a minimum stay requirement which is longer then traditional hotels. Prices on our luxury Caribbean villa rental listings are subject to change without notice.

Please note that the maximum number of guests per room is two. Our Caribbean villa for rent website will show 1-2 people, representing 1 bedroom. A Caribbean vacation villa rental showing 3-4 people would represent 2 bedrooms and so on.

Q. Can a luxury Caribbean villa rental be booked for one night?

A. No. Although CaribbeanWay lists prices per night on each Caribbean luxury villa for your convenience, most villas have a minimum stay requirement of 7 nights during high season and 5 nights during low season (high & low season dates vary with every Caribbean vacation villa rental).
An exception to this is during the weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year's at which time a higher minimum stay is required and prices on nearly every Caribbean villa for rent will be higher then the posted high season rates.

Exceeding the minimum stay requirement at any Caribbean vacation villa rental booked with CaribbeanWay by one or two days or one or two weeks is never a problem. Luxury Caribbean villa rentals listings are priced according to the per night cost of the villa and length of your stay.

Q. Why do rates for each Caribbean vacation villa rental have a high and low season period?

A. Caribbean weather is beautiful year round, the difference between high and low season is simply price. There's a greater demand for Caribbean luxury villa rentals in the winter when more people want a Caribbean villa for rent, therefore the price of travel is more expensive. A Caribbean vacation villa rental is less expensive in the other half of the year when less people are traveling to the Caribbean islands.

Generally, the high season price for a Caribbean vacation villa rental begins mid-December and continues until mid-April. The low season lasts from mid-April to mid-December. Keep in mind that a luxury Caribbean villa rental will post special holiday rates during the holiday season.

Q. Are there additional costs at the Caribbean villa for rent that we should factor into our trip expenses?

A. Yes. Renting a Caribbean luxury villa is no different then any other travel adventure, in that a Caribbean villa for rent can include additional costs. So that you feel more prepared for your travel experience, let us review some of the additional costs you might encounter:

Luxury Caribbean villa rental taxes:

A Caribbean vacation villa rental is subject to the tax system of the country in which it is located. This means that an additional cost of tax, usually about 7% or 8%, will be added to the cost of the Caribbean villa for rent.

Caribbean luxury villa deposits:

Security, damage, or telephone deposits are sometimes required on a Caribbean vacation villa rental. This is not exactly a cost, as all deposits are refundable so long as there's no damage to the luxury Caribbean villa rental or outstanding phone bills, however it will account for some initial output.

Tipping at a Caribbean villa for rent:

Tipping is always a touchy and confusing aspect of travel. It is important to remember that tipping is always at the discretion of the traveler. If you are satisfied with your service received at your Caribbean luxury villa (as I am sure you will be with Caribbean vacation villa rental offered by CaribbeanWay) a good guideline to be used at a villa is hotel-style tipping. If the Caribbean villa for rent staff exceeds your expectations, a great tip would be roughly 10% of the rental price.

Food Costs at a Caribbean vacation villa rental:

A Caribbean villa for rent will not always include a chef; the price of food would then be at your discretion. If you have chosen one of many Caribbean luxury villa listings that does include a chef, haute cuisine with a splash of island flavor will be prepared for you based on the food they're provided with. Our guest services team can arrange for food delivery to a luxury Caribbean villa rental in Barbados, for example, prior to any clients' arrival. Guests are encouraged to meet the head Chef and work out a custom meal plan and seating times… no one eats as well as in the Caribbean Islands!

How to pay for a Caribbean luxury villa:

Payment by the Client to the Company of a deposit totaling 25%-50% of the entire rental fee is required and must be received to confirm the reservation. The remaining balance is generally required no later than 45 days (up to 95 days) prior to the date of the Client's arrival at their Caribbean villa for rent. In the event that the Agreement becomes binding inside the window of the specific payment dates, the Client is required to pay the total rental fee to the Company to secure the Caribbean luxury villa. Payment may be made via certified check or through a telegraphic (wire) transfer.

Q. Does every Caribbean vacation villa rental provide a full staff?

A. Caribbean luxury villa properties on the islands of Barbados, Jamaica, and St. Lucia will generally include a staff luxury Caribbean villa rental. This usually includes a cook, housekeeper, and laundress. Some of the larger Caribbean vacation villa rental homes on these islands even provide the extended service of butlers, gardeners, and security personnel. Staff hours are generally from 8am till after dinner.

A Caribbean villa for rent represented by CaribbeanWay on other islands may only include housekeeping services on a daily or weekly basis. However, our Guest Services will gladly pre-arrange for your Caribbean luxury villa to include any services that you want.

Q. How is reserving a Caribbean luxury villa different during the holiday season?

A. Booking a luxury Caribbean villa rental during the very busy holiday season generally means that prices and minimum stay requirements will peak for each Caribbean villa for rent.
Minimum stay requirements usually extend to 10-14 nights surrounding these holidays.
If you are planning on traveling in any holiday period we recommend speaking to a CaribbeanWay villa specialist to find out what conditions would apply to the Caribbean vacation villa rental you're considering to book.

Q. Is renting a luxury Caribbean villa rental going to be a problem if I'm traveling with children?

A. Luxury Caribbean villa rental accommodations are excellent for a family. For the most part, a Caribbean luxury villa can make traveling with small children much less stressful and much more enjoyable; it's easier to keep an eye on your children at a Caribbean vacation villa rental than a crowded hotel.

There are, however, a small number of Caribbean villa for rent listings that will not allow children as guests. Owners may sometimes set restrictions if their luxury Caribbean villa rental homes include expensive furnishings, for example. A Caribbean luxury villa, though it does not expressly forbid children, also may not provide an ideal environment for very young children. If you are traveling with young children, contacting a CaribbeanWay villa specialist will allow you to make a family friendly decision.

Q. How do we get to our Caribbean luxury villa after we arrive on the island?

A. CaribbeanWay highly recommends that the guest transfers be arranged with the Guest Services team prior to their arrival on island (roughly 4 weeks before you arrive). For some Caribbean villa for rent properties we've made it mandatory. Many Caribbean luxury villa properties do not have addresses but are referred to only as their villa name -- i.e. Cove Spring House, St. James, Barbados. Trying to find a Caribbean vacation villa rental without proper guidance is never a good way to begin a vacation!

Q. How do we pay for the extra Caribbean villa for rent services on the island?

A. Extra services for a luxury Caribbean villa rental enjoyed in the islands should be paid in cash, credit card, or travelers checks. Banks are located on island if you are not comfortable with carrying large amounts of cash for the week. You should arrange, however, to have some handy when you arrive to the island.

Q. Does Caribbean Way reserve flights and car rentals?

A. CaribbeanWay has partnered itself with several travel agency consortiums that will gladly assist you with your flight reservations. You may also contact your local travel agent. The CaribbeanWay Guest Services team will work with each client several weeks prior to their arrival to gather flight details, arrange for the airport transfers, book a car rental, and have food delivered to your luxury Caribbean villa rental.

Q. How far in advance should a luxury Caribbean villa rental be booked?

A. Caribbean vacation villa rental properties are always booked well in advance, which is why we recommend inquiring up to one year before your travel date. It would be best to have all papers and details settled 6 - 8 months prior to departure in order to ensure availability of your requested Caribbean villa for rent and your requested dates. This, however, does not mean that reservations are limited to several months before departure. It has certainly happened several times in the past that clients have made a reservation for a luxury Caribbean villa rental within a day or two of departure, but we do not encourage such practices for obvious reasons.

Q. Can we visit the Caribbean vacation villa rental in the Caribbean?

A. We are happy to try to organize a visit of available Caribbean luxury villa rentals and arrange a meeting with our local representatives when possible. A reservation deposit may be necessary and is subject to rules of the standard deposit contract. Luxury Caribbean villa rental visits can be extremely difficult to schedule at times because of limited availability, clients or owners privacy reasons. However, with the larger, most exclusive Caribbean luxury villa properties, a visit request is certainly understandable and we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs.